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VR for Architecture & Design Collaboration

An online platform that allows people to work together using AR and VR for architecture, design, and construction projects from anywhere in the world.


DepthXR Makes Architecture Tasks More Efficient

Into the depth of modern architecture

DepthXR allows for an immersive VR collaboration for Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Design firms (AEC+D). We are the only 3D collaboration solution in the market that supports Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, on any device, and security and privacy aware using your own cloud solution.

DepthXR transforms the way design reviews are conducted. Our immersive review platform enhances collaboration, allowing you to address design challenges they manifest on the site, ensuring that every stakeholder, regardless of technical skill or location, can participate fully and effectively in the design process

Example supported Devices: Mixed Reality devices: HoloLens 2, Windows Mixed Reality devices (HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung…), Android based devices (Android phones, Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro, Meta Quest 2, HTC Vive…), iOS based device (Apple Vision Pro: work in progress)…



Easy Integration

Import more than 80 types of models, including all major 3D filetypes like Revit, SketchUp, and others.


Multi-location Collaboration

Work on projects with different people at different locations, and see each other’s work in real time.


Platform Independent

Web based, no download required. Easily access your content from any AR, VR, MR, device, laptop, desktop, or mobile.


Revit Metadata in Virtual Reality

You can see information about all of the Revit files in your space, which can be helpful when you’re meeting with other people or reviewing something.


Immersive Sketching

Easily create and sketch your ideas and see them in a 3D space


Secure Access for Enterprise

Authenticate and host your design on your private cloud, or use our own.


VR for Architecture and Design allows for better communication among stakeholders

Communicate better and make better decisions

Immersive design reviews use virtual reality to make it feel like the stakeholders are inside the design.Your stakeholders get immersed inside your design remotely, which means they can see and interact with spatial concepts from any location.


Collaborate Virtually

Make your team better

Welcome to a shared virtual workspace that transforms based on your team’s interaction, where your people can work together and collaborate on projects, even if they’re not in the same location. You can see what other people are working on in real time, or leave comments for them to see later at their own convenience

DepthXR VR for architecture and design collaboration


VR for collaboration and design

A virtual space to generate and experience your ideas

Improve your design process

Quickly sketch out, test, and improve your ideas. Import models from other programs to get a better sense of how your work will look in the real world.


Save Money & Time with DepthXR


Improve productivity by 35%
saving $55 per hour.


Prevent 75% of monthly trips
saving $92 per hour.


Reduce rework by 75%
saving $44 per hour.

Forrester study*


Main reasons AEC firms are using DepthXR collaboration platform:

    • Firms failing to catch some issues causing rework, costs, delays, and poor customer experience.

    • Sales, planning, and design process taking too long.

    • Designers, engineers, and customers failed to align on plans, causing dissatisfaction and delays.

    • Frims struggling with expensive fabrication and transportation of models, such as architectural maquettes, for sales and design phases.


Main objectives for AEC firms when using DepthXR:

    • Accelerating design and planning phases.

    • Improving alignment and buy-ins for teams and customers.

    • Accelerating task completion and improve quality of work.

    • Reducing errors, rework, and stress on leaders and experts.

    • Improving customer experience, strenghthen customer enrichment, retention, and advocacy.

    • Strengthening brand image, and increasing contracting win rates.




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