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XR Collaboration Platform


DepthXR is an eXtended Reality platform for architecture and design collaboration spanning Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and anything in between.

We have always been fascinated by the potential of virtual reality technology and how it could be used to create new and innovative experiences. We think there is a lot of potential for VR technology in the field of architecture, specifically in the area of collaboration.

Imagine being able to work with other architects from around the world in a virtual environment, where you can explore and experiment with design ideas together in real-time. This would be a powerful tool for architects to use when working on complex projects.

There are already a few companies working on VR technology for architects, but we think there’s still a lot of room for innovation in this area. We believe a virtual reality based collaboration platform for architects could be a really successful venture.

That is how DepthXR has started, as an application of the BuildWagon Mixed Reality Development Platform. Buildwagon is our own created and operated platform, started in 2017 that enables Mixed Reality development spanning AR to VR and anything in between.

BinariesLid LTD, Montreal, QC, Canada

design collaboration
design collaboration
design collaboration