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DepthXR helps design and construction teams work more efficiently with 3D models in an optimal AR and VR collaboration environment. Here is what you achieve with DepthXR:

Unique Immersive Experience of Space: Experiment with geometry, dimensions, materials, and furniture in a virtual space with your stakeholders.

Agile Iterative Process: Take your clients through an experiential design review process that is agile, creative, and iterative. Prototype your design, and apply design change iterations easily based on feedback.

Remote Collaboration: Collaborate better with your team of architects and designers in different locations, and present your work from any place in the world.

Better Decision Making: Make better decisions at reduced project costs and risks.

Fill the form below to start your VR collaboration with your team. After filling the form below, one of our staff will get in touch with you to understand your needs and advise you on the best suitable plan.

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We help you plan, build, and operate more efficient processes, giving you a new perspective on your space. Teams can work together from different places to make faster and better decisions.

VR Collaboration snapshot in DepthXR