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Sketch Feature

Sketch or Draw

Welcome to the guide on how to use the “Sketch” feature within our DepthXR Virtual Reality collaboration platform. This innovative tool enables users to create 3D drawings in the virtual or augmented environment using their hands or handheld controllers. Whether sketching directly onto surfaces, or crafting freeform shapes, the Sketch feature provides a canvas for your creativity.

Accessing the Sketch Feature

  1. Navigating to the Sketch Feature: To access the Sketch feature, first, visit the main menu of the platform. This menu hosts an array of tools designed to enhance your virtual experience. Within these options, you’ll find the ‘Sketch’ feature. Select this feature to initiate the sketching mode.

Using the Sketch Feature

  1. Initiating the Drawing Process: Upon entering the sketching mode, you’re free to unleash your creativity. Use your handheld controllers as digital pencils, crafting intricate shapes or marks within your environment. This offers a uniquely interactive and immersive way to contribute visual elements to your virtual space.
  2. Drawing on Surfaces and Objects: One of the key aspects of the Sketch feature is the ability to draw directly onto specific surfaces or objects within the environment. This function is beneficial for marking objects, annotating designs, or adding visual notes to objects.
  3. Creating Freeform Shapes: In addition to drawing on surfaces, the Sketch feature allows for the creation of freeform shapes. These are not attached to any particular surface or object, offering additional flexibility and creativity within your designs. You could craft a floating design, a mid-air annotation, or an abstract shape to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your virtual space.

The Sketch feature is a powerful tool within our DepthXR Augmented and Virtual Reality collaboration platform. It offers a versatile method for creating 3D drawings and shapes, enhancing the immersive experience. Whether used for design annotations, artistic expressions, or visual communication, this feature adds depth and personalization to your virtual or augmented environment. Harness the power of the Sketch feature, and watch as your creative input brings your virtual environment to life.