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Copy Feature

Copy Objects

Welcome to the guide on how to utilize the “Copy Objects” feature in our DepthXR Virtual Reality collaboration platform. This tool enables users to create exact duplicates of objects in the virtual or augmented environment, offering a convenient method to replicate items or construct complex structures.

Accessing the Copy Objects Feature

  1. Navigating to the Copy Objects Feature: To access the Copy Objects feature, you need to visit the main menu. Within the list of options, you’ll find ‘Copy Objects’ feature. Select this option to activate the copying mode in your virtual environment.

Using the Copy Objects Feature

  1. Selecting the Object to Copy: Upon activating the copying mode, choose the object in the virtual environment you wish to replicate. This could be any object you’ve previously created or imported into your environment.
  2. Initiating the Copying Process: After selecting the desired object, the copying process will initiated. The platform will automatically generate an exact duplicate of the original object. This copied object will retain all of the properties and characteristics of the original object, resulting in an identical clone, but with a different name.

The Copy Objects Feature offers an efficient solution to replicate objects within your virtual environment, whether for creating multiple instances of the same object or for swiftly constructing intricate structures or patterns. By reducing the need for manually recreating each object, this feature helps streamline the designing process and enhances your productivity within the platform. Experience the ease and efficiency of the Copy Objects feature, and enjoy the expanded capabilities it brings to your virtual or augmented projects.