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Group Feature

Group / Ungroup Objects

The following guide will instruct you on how to use the “Group / Ungroup Objects” feature within our DepthXR Virtual Reality collaboration platform. This feature facilitates efficient manipulation of multiple objects as a single unit or as individual entities, as required.

Grouping Objects

  1. Initiating Group Function: To start grouping objects, navigate to the main menu. Within the menu, look for the ‘Group / Ungroup’ feature and select it. This will activate the grouping mode.
  2. Selecting Objects: After activating the grouping mode, proceed to select the objects you intend to group together. You can do this by directly clicking on each object, this will highlight the selected objects.
  3. Completing the Grouping Process: Upon selecting all the required objects, tap on the check box, the objects will now behave as a single entity. This grouped object can be moved, rotated, or scaled uniformly, saving time and ensuring consistent transformations. Note that these actions applied to the group will affect all constituent objects equally.

Ungrouping Objects

  1. Initiating Ungroup Function: To separate a group into its individual components, you need to activate the ungrouping mode. To do this, simply navigate to the main menu and select the “Group/Ungroup” Feature, then tap on the “ungroup” option. Selecting this option will initiate the ungrouping process.
  2. Separating the Group: Once the ungroup option has been activated, tap on the the grouped object that you want to be broken down into its original, separate components. Then tap on the Check mark to confirm the ungrouping.
  3. Working with Ungrouped Objects: After ungrouping, each object can be manipulated independently. This feature is particularly useful when you need to make changes to a specific object without affecting the rest of the group, or when you want to work with them independently of each other.

By understanding and utilizing the Group / Ungroup Objects feature, you can significantly improve the efficiency of your workflows within the Virtual Reality collaboration platform. Whether you’re rearranging your workspace or fine-tuning specific elements, this tool offers an intuitive way to handle multiple objects with precision and ease.