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Info Feature

view BIM information

The “view BIM information” feature in DepthXR is a useful feature for accessing and reviewing detailed information about the objects and components in a virtual environment. It can help users to better understand the design of a project, to identify and resolve any issues or conflicts, and to communicate more effectively with other members of the project team.

DepthXR Info Feature

The “view BIM information” feature in DepthXR allow users to access and view the BIM information that was imported from the model if available. Users may select an object in their virtual environment and view its BIM data in a panel. This data may include details such as the object’s name, type, size, location, and other relevant attributes.

To use the info feature in DepthXR:

  1. Select the “Info” option from the menu.
  2. This feature allows you to access and view detailed BIM information imported from the model.
  3. In the virtual environment, select an object to see its associated BIM data displayed in a panel.
  4. The information may include the object’s name, type and other relevant attributes that have been stored from the BIM tool.

This feature is valuable for gaining a better understanding of the project’s design, identifying and resolving issues or conflicts, and improving communication within the project team.