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Library Feature

Open Assets Library

The following guide will help you understand how to use the “Assets Library” feature within our Virtual Reality collaboration platform. This feature allows users to upload and utilize various types of assets – such as models, pictures, and videos – to create and enrich their virtual environments.

Opening the Assets Library

  1. Navigating to the Library: To access the assets library, first navigate to the main menu. Look for the ‘Library’ or ‘Assets Library’ option and select it. This will open the assets library.
  2. Understanding the Library Contents: The library houses a collection of various assets, which may include elements like furniture, appliances, landscaping components, lighting fixtures, and more. These are typically used to embellish architecture, design, and construction projects within the platform.

Using Assets from the Library

  1. Browsing and Selecting Assets: Within the assets library, you can browse through the different assets available. These might be assets you have uploaded yourself or assets made available by others. Once you find an asset you’d like to use, select it.
  2. Deploying Assets in Your Environment: After you’ve selected an asset, you can integrate it into your virtual environment. Simply drag the asset from the library and drop it into the desired location within your environment.
  3. Adjusting Asset Placement: After placement, you can further adjust the asset’s position, scale, or orientation as needed to fit perfectly within your space.

The Assets Library is a powerful tool to enhance and customize your virtual environments. By understanding how to access and use these resources, you can add depth, detail, and realism to your projects, thereby increasing their impact and effectiveness.

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