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Mass Feature

Create Objects

This guide will walk you through how to use the “Create Objects” feature in our DepthXR Virtual Reality collaboration platform. This innovative feature facilitates the creation and placement of 3D masses or freeform 3D rectangular objects in the virtual environment using handheld controllers. The tool is beneficial for rapidly and intuitively constructing and populating the virtual space with project-specific elements.

Accessing the Create Objects Feature

  1. Navigating to the Create Objects Feature: To initiate the object creation process, first, access the “Create Objects” feature. This feature is conveniently located within the platform’s main menu. Scan through the options available and select the ‘Create Objects’ option.

Using the Create Objects Feature

  1. Initiating Object Creation: Once you’ve selected the Create Objects feature, you’re ready to start the creation process. Using your handheld controllers, you can manipulate a 3D mass or rectangle into the desired shape or form. This 3D manipulation process offers a unique, interactive way to create tailored objects for your virtual space.
  2. Finalizing and Modifying the Object: Once you’ve formed your desired object, it’s time to finalize and possibly modify it further. You can tap any side of the Object to expand or resize it from the side selected. Futhermore, the object can be painted using the Paint Feature, moved to an appropriate location using the Move Feature, or adjusted using the Mode/Adjust Feature. Each of these additional features are found in the main menu and can be used as needed to tweak your created object until it meets your design needs.

The Create Objects Feature serves as a powerful tool in the design and build of your virtual or augmented environment. It allows users to interactively and swiftly generate 3D objects that are relevant and beneficial to the ongoing project. Whether your aim is to design, build, or simply populate your virtual environment with unique elements, the Create Objects feature offers a comprehensive, user-friendly solution. This feature serves as a powerful ally in your design toolkit, pushing the boundaries of your creative freedom and enhancing the overall immersive experience within the platform.