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Measure Feature

Measurement Tape

The following guide provides instructions on how to use the “Measure” feature within our DepthXR Virtual Reality collaboration platform. This feature allows users to precisely measure distances within the virtual environment, which aids in determining object sizes and resolving potential conflicts.

Accessing the Measure Feature

  1. Navigating to the Measure Feature: To access the Measure Feature, navigate to the main menu. Look for the ‘Measure’ Feature and select it. This will activate the measure mode within the platform.

Using the Measure Feature

  1. Initiating a Measurement: Once the measure mode is active, you can start the measurement process. Select a starting point within the environment from which the measurement should begin.
  2. Completing a Measurement: After choosing the starting point, proceed to select the ending point for your measurement. This marks the endpoint of the distance you wish to measure.
  3. Reviewing the Measurement: Upon selecting both points, the platform will display a virtual measurement tape that spans the distance between the two points. The corresponding measurement value will be shown, allowing you to understand the precise distance or size.
  4. The measurement unit (metric or imperical) could be set under the settings feature.

The Measure Feature offers a simple and accurate way to measure distances within your virtual environment. Whether you’re assessing the size of objects or identifying potential space conflicts, this feature provides the precision you need to make informed decisions and adjustments within the platform.