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Move Feature

Move / Adjust Objects

The “move” feature in DepthXR is a powerful tool for designing, visualizing, and collaborating on architecture, design, and construction projects in a Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality setting. It allows users to make changes and explore different options in a fast and intuitive way, without the need for physical prototypes or mockups.

DepthXR Move Feature

The “move” feature in DepthXR allows users to manipulate and rearrange objects within the virtual environment. This can be useful for making changes to the design of a project, or for simply exploring and visualizing different layout options.

Move Feature Demo

To move an object in DepthXR:

  1. From the menu, select the “Move” option.
  2. Two options will be presented: “Default” Move option and “Adjust”:
    • If “Move” is selected (default), select an object in the scene and hold to move it around. The selected object will highlight when selected.
    • If “Adjust” is selected, select an object in the scene. A blue box will appear around the object, allowing you to rotate or scale it.
  3. Release the object to set it in its new position.

This feature allows you to easily and accurately manipulate the objects in the virtual environment, giving you greater control over the design and layout of your project.