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Note Feature

Add a Note

This guide provides instructions on how to use the “Note Feature” within our Virtual Reality collaboration platform. The feature allows users to add text-based annotations within the virtual environment, which can enhance communication, collaboration, and project tracking.

Accessing the Note Feature

  1. Navigating to the Note Feature: To access the Note Feature, navigate to the main menu. Within the menu, locate and select the ‘Note Feature’. This action will open a keyboard with a text entry field, initiating the note creation process.

Using the Note Feature

  1. Adding a Note: The Note Feature provides two methods for users to add their notes. Firstly, a virtual keyboard is available for you to type your notes directly. Alternatively, a speech-to-text functionality is offered, enabling you to dictate your notes using your voice, which is then transcribed into text.
  2. Displaying and Storing Notes: After a note has been added, it will be displayed within the virtual environment as a text label. Additionally, the note is stored within the platform and can be accessed separately as needed under the project notes folder with a screenshot of the note surrounding.

The Note Feature offers a robust toolset for adding comments, instructions, and other essential information to your virtual environment. By facilitating improved communication and collaboration, and enabling an effective way to keep track of critical project details, this feature enhances the overall productivity and user experience within the platform.