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People Feature

Manage People

This guide will help you understand how to use the “People Feature” within our Virtual Reality collaboration platform. This feature allows users to oversee and control interactions amongst participants within the virtual environment, making it a key tool for managing effective collaboration.

Accessing the People Feature

  1. Navigating to People Manager: To access the People Feature, go to the main menu. Here, find and select the ‘People’ or ‘Manage People’ option. This will display a list of usernames of individuals currently present in the virtual space.

Using the People Feature

  1. Muting and Unmuting Your Microphone: An integral aspect of the People Feature is controlling your audio input. At any point, you can choose to mute or unmute your microphone. This can be particularly useful during large meetings, or when you wish to prevent any background noise from disrupting the virtual environment.
  2. Gathering People to Your Location: The People Feature also allows you to bring individuals or entire groups to your location within the virtual space. This can be useful when you need to focus attention on a particular area or topic, thereby fostering a more organized and focused collaborative experience.

Using the People Feature is key for managing and guiding the participation of users in the virtual environment. By effectively overseeing interactions, you can ensure clearer communication and more organized collaboration among project team members, enhancing the overall productivity and experience within the platform.