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Revit and DepthXR

Integrating Revit with DepthXR

Embark on a journey of understanding the interplay between DepthXR, an avant-garde AR/VR collaboration tool, and Autodesk Revit, a pioneering Building Information Modelling (BIM) application. This tutorial seeks to assist you in realizing your Revit designs on an immersive, human scale within both augmented and virtual reality, enabling instantaneous collaboration across the globe.

Effortless Teamwork

With DepthXR, you can transform your Revit design into a virtual, augmented, or mixed reality, accommodating multiple users concurrently and from any device. This paves the way for an immersive team collaboration within a constantly evolving shared virtual workspace. Whether you choose to meet in real-time or post annotations and comments for future discussions, DepthXR is designed to enhance your team’s productivity.

Revit and DepthXR

The DepthXR Add-In for Revit forges a connection between your Revit file and the DepthXR platform. This connection simplifies the access to your spaces from Revit while ensuring the possibility to update your files as your project advances. Taking advantage of this link, you can seamlessly access BIM Metadata and layer visibility across all Revit files, providing a thorough overview of your project.

Harmony with Autodesk Construction Cloud

Beyond offering direct interaction with your Revit models, DepthXR integrates seamlessly with Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC). Regardless of whether your Revit model is stored in ACC / BIM 360, the integration provides a way to get any version you want , ensuring you are working on the version that you want you want to work on with DepthXR.

Preparing Your Revit Content for DepthXR

For an efficient DepthXR experience, it’s advisable to maintain lightweight models. This ensures rapid content streaming for all users, guaranteeing a fluid collaborative experience. Here are a few tips to optimize your Revit content:

  1. Implement Section Boxes or Manual Bounding Boxes: These tools restrict the volume of data imported into DepthXR, focusing only on the relevant sections of your project.
  2. Conceal Elements or Categories: You can achieve this via the contextual selection menu or by disabling categories through the visibility settings panel.

Importing .RVT projects

In addition to integration, DepthXR allows you the flexibility to import Revit files directly when creating a space, adding an extra layer of versatility to the collaboration process.

This collaborative setup between Revit and DepthXR and ACC empowers your project team to maintain better alignment and make well-informed decisions.