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Tour Feature

The following guide will walk you through the “Tour” feature of our Virtual Reality collaboration platform. This feature allows users to design or partake in guided explorations of a virtual environment, making it beneficial for presentations, project demonstrations, or learning about a project in an engaging, structured manner.

Creating a Tour

  1. Accessing Tour Creation Mode: To begin creating a tour, navigate to the main menu and select the ‘Create Tour’ option. This will switch your platform into the tour creation mode.
  2. Designing the Tour Path: With the tour creation mode active, move around your virtual environment as desired. At key points of interest, take snapshots to outline the tour path and determine the locations the tour should highlight.
  3. Finalizing the Tour: After you’ve captured all the necessary snapshots and are satisfied with your tour path, finalize the tour creation process. The tour will then be saved within the platform and made accessible for other users to partake in at their convenience.

Taking a Tour

  1. Accessing the Tour Menu: To begin a tour, navigate to the main menu and look for the ‘Tours’ option. Selecting this will open a menu showcasing all available tours.
  2. Selecting a Tour: From the tour menu, select the tour you wish to embark on. This could be a tour you created or one made by another user.
  3. Following the Tour Path: Once a tour is selected, you will be guided along the specified path or steps laid out during the tour’s creation. Take your time to explore and interact with each highlighted location in order to fully appreciate and understand the intended experience.

The ‘Tour’ feature offers a unique way to present and navigate virtual environments within our platform. By designing comprehensive tours or partaking in ones made by others, you can enjoy a structured and interactive exploration that enhances understanding and engagement with the virtual space.