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Undo Feature

Undo the last action

Welcome to the guide on using the “Undo” feature within our DepthXR Virtual Reality collaboration platform. This important tool allows users to reverse their last action or change made in the virtual or augmented environment, providing a safety net for mistakes or facilitating exploration of various design options.

Accessing the Undo Feature

  1. Navigating to the Undo Feature: To access the Undo feature, you need to visit the platform’s main menu. At the button of the Among various options, you’ll find the ‘Undo’ command. Selecting this option activates the undo function. On the emulator this feature can be accessed using the Ctrl+Z shortcut.

Using the Undo Feature

  1. Reversing the Last Action: The Undo feature operates by reversing the last action performed or change made within your virtual environment. This can be anything from erasing an object, moving an item, or altering a design. By selecting the Undo menu option, you can easily revert your environment to its prior state.
  2. If you keep on pressing on the Undo the Feature, the system will keep on reversing the last action on at a time up to 10 steps.

The Undo feature is an invaluable tool within our DepthXR Augmented and Virtual Reality collaboration platform. It allows for trial-and-error exploration of different design choices without permanently committing to any particular alteration. It also provides an efficient method of correcting mistakes, helping you maintain your ideal design within the virtual or augmented environment. With the Undo feature at your disposal, feel free to experiment, safe in the knowledge that you can easily reverse your last action whenever necessary.