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VR Immersive Space

With our partners, we are able to take any room and turn it into an VR immersive space by adding technology to the space.

Our service enables your team to view your depthXR space in 360°. You can present and interrogate your architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) data, and try to understand it better. Ask questions about your content and get the possibility to interact with it in a large-scale immersive space. No matter how big your team is, work with your clients in a VR experience at a human scale. Explore 3D designs, BIM models, and a plethora of content.

There are many potential uses for VR in architecture, including:

  1. Allowing architects to explore and experience their designs in a realistic 3D environment
  2. Helping clients to understand and visualize proposed designs
  3. Generating realistic walkthroughs or fly-throughs of completed projects
  4. Assisting with the coordination and planning of construction projects
  5. Providing training for construction workers on how to safely build complex structures
  6. Enabling architects to create realistic virtual simulations of proposed designs to test their feasibility.

DepthXR allows you to integrate more than 80 types of models, including all major 3D filetypes like Revit, SketchUp, and BIM 360 workflows.

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